As a beginner, you may find yourself stunned with the need to decide on the type of guitar that you need to start learning with. Find out which option is best for you, whether you should go for an electric, or an acoustic guitar.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are designed to be played using an amplifier. As such, they are quieter when played without being plugged in. These types of guitars work using magnetic pickups. These magnets come with wire coils that are wrapped around them, sitting under the strings.

As the string vibrates, a disturbance within the magnetic field is created around the pickup, which turns the coil of wire to an electrical signal. Afterwards, it is transferred to a cable, going to an amplifier, reversing the process, and turning the signal back into sound. Electric guitars are awesome to use to take advantage of pedals such as reverb pedals. Reverb Pedal Guide has has some of the best reverb pedal reviews.

If you are into metal and rock, learning how to play an electric guitar is the only way to create the sound that you are looking for. The guitar necks on electric guitars are generally slimmer, with lower gauge strings and lower playing action. An advantage to this is that they are easier on the fingers. However, the strings are generally closer spaced compared to acoustic guitars, which makes it more challenging for players who prefer finger styling.

Some say that it is better to start with an acoustic guitar because it can help in toughening the fingertips, thus strengthening muscles in the fingers. However, you need to realize that as a beginner, you will not be able to play anything initially, and you can just hurt your fingers initially. By starting on an electric guitar, you can discover that it is a good motivator for practice.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars have been designed for playing without the use of an amplifier. They are often considered as the most common guitar type. The typical design of an acoustic guitar is one that has a completely hollow body, and a circular sound hole under the strings.

As the strings vibrate, the soundboard also starts to vibrate. The sound is resonated in the body of the guitar, thus resulting to a woody, fuller tone. The bulk of the sound exits out of the sound hole. This technology is different with than the one that is used on electric guitars.

The use of acoustic guitars is fairly simple, requiring minimum additional equipment. In a way, they are just ‘pick-up-and-play’. On top of that, they are also available at a more affordable price compared to electric guitars. Along with the fact that they do not need the use of an amplifier generally makes this type of guitar as the cheapest option for beginners.


Whether you decide to start learning with the use of an electric guitar, or an acoustic guitar, you can be assured that with patience and endurance, you can start producing amazing sounds eventually. Identify which type of music you want to play, and start from there as you make your decision.


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