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An external heat sink that dissipates the heat in the liquid that ran through the engine and to return it back into the engine cooler than it was before it exited then engine and entered the radiator.

Rossi Wannabe An obsessive male rider with the mistaken belief that looking like a clone of Rossi will somehow mysteriously gift them the same level of riding skill. Big ass teen solo hd Young lezzie biker girls. Tall black girls nude. You are now leaving Pornhub. Slutty biker girls. Biker Bar Parking Lot Sex. Alloy A solid or homogenous solution that is a mixture of two or more metals to create a combined metal with better characteristics for a specific purpose.

Bitch Bar A sissy bar. Burning up miles Riding long distances on the highway in order to accumulate mileage. A unit of measurement for engine power output. To temporarily boost the energy of a battery by connecting it to another working battery with jumper cables to assist in the starting of the engine.

Counter Balancer A weight inside an engine that spins with the engine rpm to cancel out some of the engines vibration and make the engine feel smoother. Tumblr male bodybuilders. The page you are trying to access: Wrecking a bike by flipping it over.

GAG IT a full roll-on in high gear from about mph emphasizes low rpm torque. Also called metal shafts. Refers to the way the cords of a tire on constructed. Footprint Contact patch of the tire with the road surface. Highway Bars bars that connect to and extend away from the frame in a semi-circular arch. Crash Padding A motorcyclists protective clothing, especially abrasion resistant and impact absorbing riding gear and helmet. Death Grip Usually how a first time rider grabs the handle bars.

A Holiday Weekend goes Bad. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. I tied up my Asian slut and made her squirt! Clutching it up Using the clutch to cause the bike to wheelie. They fall between a Sport Bike and a Standard, with some racy styling and a little more upright riding stance. Wonder woman wonder slut. Deflector Piston Piston designed for two stroke engines to channel fresh fuel up to the head forcing burnt fuel out the exhaust posts.

All natural Indian with a big bush. Hardbelly Young girl with a tight flat belly Hardley also see Hardly Ablesonas in a slang name for a Harley in the sense that the speaker thinks of them as nothing more than an over-glorified chromey showoff piece rather than a real bike. Iron Butt An association that promotes and holds rallies aimed at travelling very long distances.

Rolling on the Throttle Giving the bike more power by giving it more gas to accelerate. Aspiration The method for getting air into the engine ie, normal, turbo charged, super charged etc.

Inline Six An engine with six cylinders in a row. Pornhub is the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site. For use in recommended practice, these units must be converted to units of force, either to the Newton N or the pound-force lbf. Inward or outward tilt of a wheel.

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Excessive 11 Xcess 11 SX, a cc 4 cylinder street bike. Naked pics of trisha. Personal electric vehicle PEV PEVs are fully electric vehicles usually a motorcycle or scooter designed to transport a single passenger over short distances. Slutty biker girls. Electronic Ignition Computer controlled method to convey high tension current to the spark plug s.

Dynatec Fabric made of Dynafil. Drunk girls show their nude body. Long Weekend with Ben Ch. Eighty Six 86 If someone is 86 they are cut off. Alloy A solid or homogenous solution that is a mixture of two or more metals to create a combined metal with better characteristics for a specific purpose.

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Bearing Load supporting part designed to accept the wear and punishment of moving parts while protecting more valuable parts. Heat The police, Law enforcement officer, also known as The Man. Lusty Katrina rides a cock for cum 14 min Swimmingdazzling - He will attend club meetings and pay required dues to different chapters, depending on his travels.

Now has a class of its own and defined as any thing Mad Max would shoot at. Penthouse lesbian porn. Low rolling resistance The amount of energy a tire absorbs as it revolves and deflects. Shopping Fun Browsing a Harley dealership much more fun than expected. GVW Gross Vehicle Weight Gypsy Tour A motorcycle road event, usually several days in duration, in which the participants travel through the countryside and stop at a different destination each night. They do not belong to any one chapter.

Internal combustion engine ICE A heat engine in which the pressure necessary to produce motion of the vehicle results from the ignition or burning of a fuel-air mixture within the engine cylinder. Lightweight materials Lightweight materials include high-strength steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and various composite materials. Treat these people with utmost respect. Brights The high beam of the headlight. Scottish big tits. Power-weight ratio The power generated by the engine divided by the weight of the engine.

This biker chick is horny 24 min Crackedglasses - Postie bike Asingle cylinder 90cc or cc step through Honda as used by the Aussie and Kiwi postal service.

Bark-o-lounger A large, comfortable motorcycle. Slutty Caresse has some bedroom fun. At these stops you go in to the checkpoint and draw a playing card from a deck of cards. Intruders An encounter with bikers has consequences for Veronica.

Kicker A motorcycle with no electric starter that must be manually kick-started. Risers are designed to be mounted between your stock bar mount and triple clamp. Oil Bag An oil tank. Bottom dead centre BDC Refers to the piston at the lowest point possible in the cylinder of an engine. Login or sign up. Pillion A passenger on the motorcycle. The bike felt like it was on rails through that corner.

Nyloc A type of nut for a bolt that has a plastic insert to keep it from backing off from vibration. Century Traveling at mph Chain Transfers power to the rear wheel from the engine on a chain drive system. Highway bars allow for leg stretching room on longer rides, offer convenient mounting points for auxiliary lighting and they can offer some protection during a dump.

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Seven Days of Service - Day 06 A party; more conflict; an ultimate challenge; a surprise. Canyon Bites Serious accidents that occur while riding fast on twisty roads that are often found in canyons of mountainous areas. Slutty Caresse has some bedroom fun 24 min Polecatsskate - The manufacturers often make use of wind tunnels during the development of a new motorcycle.

Filtering Avoid traffic jams by riding between the lines of bumper-to-bumper vehicles queues. Big tits jpg. Typically not street legal. Latina pov milf Biker Bar Parking Lot Sex. H-D Revolution Engine to Present The injection of contemporary technology such as liquid-cooling, dual overhead cams and downdraft intake are bold new steps for Harley-Davidson.

The ABS detects when a wheel is not turning and releases pressure to the brake on that wheel, preventing a skid. Slutty biker girls. Hundreds of nylon materials exist but Denier Cordura is the industry minimum standard for apparel material abrasion and tear strength. Overdrive Transmission gear such that one revolution of the engine produces more than one revolution of the driveshaft.

These sluts are bikers. Jet Precisely drilled opening in the carburetor through which fuel passes into the air stream. Chapter The local entity of a larger club.

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