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How ridiculous is that???? Writing to Ryan — April 29, Thank you for the love letter. B-Day D-Day — April 12, I actually managed to sleep in, after a brief moment of restlessness at 5: The food there is so good, and Mad Hatter tea is the best. Russian escort girls in bangkok. But he will be a pleasant friend at the very least.

Also, I will feel like a SuperStar for not selling out to my generous government paycheck. Ani difranco nude. I also want to helijet to Richmond and make Ryan bond with me, but that will have to wait. Just chew the goddamn thing off, Seamus! Also, I talked to some of my favourites about making my new scripts into play productions: Scored free drinks from the bartender. Add black tea or chamomile teabags. I love feeling pseudo-naked and strapless.

Despite our time yesterday with me sloppily drunk, bemoaning my forced-celibacy, Shawn called to play this morning and I kidnapped him and we spent most of the daytime together. When did I get a second chin????????? Many of DiFranco's songs are drawn from her personal life and experiences, but equally as often, her lyrics are feminist and political. Cheating slut pics. We rendezvoused at Serious Coffee at 4: Her influences are broad, and her songs often incorporate elements from other musical styles, including punk, funk, classical and electronic.

Loud Keyboard — Saturday, Sept. On a boat for two weeks, and his first land-sleep is distrupted by a bunch of hootchies. He sounds very professional. So I still have my ring piercing and no Fuck You barbell. It was very interesting, with an air of desperation. There is no "ideal" woman, of course. And to an extent I agree: Today we highlight American songwriter, singer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist Ani DiFranco. Did that come with the boobs????????

It was a great intermission: Often, objectification of people makes violence against them seem more legitimate. The Bunnies Almost forgot — due to fears re: This is a mighty fine life.

I shall report back later with any developments. Dad Returns to the Sea — Sunday, Sept.

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My boyfriend at the time was so mad at me, he woke me up and told me that I was insulting the strippers!

I Have a Headache But nonetheless today was an uber-productive day. Naked indian army men. And yes, I do forget about my baby bunnies occasionally, but I check on them at least twice a day due to their feeding schedule. Ani difranco nude. May 28, 4: And on Day 3 Regan came with us to the parade and it was her first ever Pride Parade.

This year, I got to write a future date for Greece, so that was thrilling. Yes, he's beautiful and participates in one of the most pitch perfectly awkwardly authentic threesomes ever captured on film but there's just something captivatingly and relatably damaged about him that holds my attention -- even when he's not naked.

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I have seats for eight including me for a 3-course dinner, and guests so far include: I crashed two or three PCs with Kazaa. Because I can practically guarantee that there will be sex, swear words, and an excess of uncomfortable personal details.

The Moon and the Lovers are working in tandem, creating an atmosphere of discouragement and uncertainty… You are inclined to distrust the good intentions of the people close to you and to question their love.

She produced copies on cassette, which she sold at shows, and Righteous Babe Records was born. I feel so web-sexy.

I saw a belly-barbell with a bright yellow bead at the bottom, and if you looked REALLY closely you could read, in black capital letters: John Berger's analysis of the difference between nakedness and the nude in Ways of Seeing can help us understand how women's sexuality is objectified. Apparently Prayer Works — Monday, Sept. The girls where not, how would you say,new.

I took immediate action and laid down in the backyard so as to even things out, but too late. Potentilla It was a great show. Milf misty law. Women are depicted in a quite different way from men -- not because the feminine is different from the masculine -- but because the 'ideal' spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him.

What about those with no control? Also, my present to myself this year is a spa day — massage, etc. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. The food there is so good, and Mad Hatter tea is the best. My pick-up line was as follows:. Vodka, naked men, and chocolate. Heather, The Legend I give money to performers to support their shows, and as a result Carolyn told me that there is a subculture of gossip re: Also, I learned how to shampoo a carpet: Straight to the sweet time Ani and I found ourselves in a lesbian bar in West Hollywood together, drank about 30 Kalua and Cremes and ended up at her West Hollywood pad up in the hills full of colorful hand made statues and those hanging baskets containing all sorts of succulent summer fruits, cherries, kiwis, grapes all waiting for us to sit out on her patio after our sweet lovemaking session and drink wine, while feeding each other summer delicacies.

Those are the times that I think: Been There, Done That Spotted another tall, sexy scruffy man today while walking back from lunch. Tall black girls nude. My back and shoulders are mushy, my fingernails are perfect and Barbie-pink, my toenails are perfect and Hooker-red.

High Fidelity Good movie. An interesting mental-health development. Scott, who has amazing eyebrows 3. Newer Post Older Post Home. I thought I was like a snake, how they are immune to their own venom. Rather than accompany her, DiFranco petitioned for emancipation and stayed behind in Buffalo, living on her own.

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