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Corbett was in the most recent batch of episodes of that Crystal Chappell lez-fest.

Who else was a beard? Brian was someone's boyfriend, not sure whose. God, things were desperate back then. Tickling feet story. Some actors would be on soaps for decades, too, but there was always a lot of actor attrition, especially the young ones who would leave to try nighttime and film. Don diamont nude. Also, the part about the nude photo: I could be wrong, but I suspect Bennett was axed for being too out -- and that several ABC soap hunks opted to get married and live the straight life as a result.

I always wondered if the guy who played John Dixon's illegitimate son Duke can't remember his name was gay.

So they replaced him with pulsating heterosexual Jacob Young? Dammit, why can't I type today? R19, the idea of Fode fucking Jacob is hot. I also hear that he's just about the nicest guy in daytime. Can we merge this with the "Let's talk about those annoying fucks who think the whole world is gay" thread? Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. I think 'seriously' is the last word I'd use for anything about that pic.

I haven't seen it, so, I can't say if it was really him or not. That's him on the right in the one at R Who would she even be referring to? The video at the link shows him full frontal. You may be right, R Maybe Russell came out to himself years after his marriage. Bisex cum tumblr. But they replaced him Trachta. I always thought Simon Mccorkindale had the kind of masculine look that always comes equipped with a thick cock. Steve Burton in Out of this World. I remember there was a pretty specific blind item that pointed to James Hyde and Jesse Metcalfe behind-the-scenes during the early days at Passions.

R Then it is not the only initialization DLers should be expected to know see r I posted this on another thread thinking it was this one. John were always doing six-pack faceoffs with one another at any publicity event. R That's my understanding as well. R Jean and Chris lived on West 76th. Kyle Beresford for him in

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I'm with r15 WWF wrestling was everything a gay kid could want in the 90's. Danny Markel was such a better Sam. Cum in wifes pussy. Too bad Scott Baio turned into or always was?

He sported that gay pornstache on AMC in the s. I remember the incredible rush I'd get walking out with it under my arm or in the sleeve of my jacket, knowing that if they nabbed me I'd not only be in trouble for shoplifting, but my entire life would be over once my 'secret' was revealed.

She was carrying a torch for Ridge, and Thorne was playing Bell's sterotypical "second son" with the inferiority complex. It was pretty obvious. Don diamont nude. Yes, I want inside me, quite deeply. Their chemistry is awesome! Tony Geary used to do his love scenes nude, and supposedly, his dick briefly made it on air during an early love scene with Emma Samms. Looks like quite a load he's carrying. Hot granny sex tumblr. I don't care about the wives, whatever. Kevin Spirtas from Days is out.

Wright apparently had a thing for Joseph Bottoms, who played Kirk Cranston. Perhaps the most touching scene they've ever done was Tracy quietly giving money to Brad when he treated her to dinner and couldn't pay the bill. PAS is definitely gay, and he didn't really try to hide it when he was on soaps.

Not everyone lives in fucking Manhattan! One more thing about Thorne, Clayton's Thorne could have easily been gay. It just breaks my heart to have to post this recent pic: I used to see Galen Gering play beach volleyball in Santa Monica all the time. This was around the time he was on the Texas soap opera. I don't know what it is but He creeps me out. He introduced me to his boyfriend.

Richard on the left, Howard on the right. The only time I almost got caught was trying to sneak out with the issue with the photo of the guy I've included. Priya rai sexy naked. The man was never identified in any of the rumors I've heard over the years. There was one scene where Slim taught Jess how to swim, pushed him the water then realized he couldn't swim and he held him in his arms after pulling him out of the water.

What is a "market editor"? Those writers definitely got it. Evan Todd's shaved armpits It's free so why not? One time was in a porn store in someone's apartment! Anything else are recent additions to the story, likely from DL. I was like "Oh, we do that? Can we merge this with the "Let's talk about those annoying fucks who think the whole world is gay" thread?

He's still working, having recently played Cole Porter! Rob Lowe - Youngblood. Clayton was a block of wood, but he was still more interesting than Ronn Moss.

All of these were listed as producers on his first episode, "Sick. He was too up front and pleasant to be a gay guy who didn't want to fuck me. Reckell is also supposedly bisexual and the wife knows. You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Chrissy LeBlanc is the biggest homo out there. Right now, unless they've been discovered over the past 20 years under the attic floorboards and hidden basement recesses of my childhood home are enough back issues of Playgirl to fill the bed of my truck!

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Catalina cruz nude videos R I agree about Guy Wilson.
Best natural pornstar What about Ingo Rademacher? Let's get this straight.
Tumblr gloryhole movies It really was amazing ho American TV was going that way Billy Campbell even flashed his butt in Once and Again which, while a brilliantly written show, was marketed more or less as something the family could watch unlike, say, NYPD Blues and its infamous nudity --and then post Janet it completely became more "pruded" up. It was like the first scene of a porno film.

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